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    10 Revenue Operations Podcasts & Interview Series You Should Check Out

    If you’re anything like me, you are overloaded with options for podcasts. My playlist is full of podcasts that span a wide variety of topics but finding quality Revenue Operations podcasts was a challenge. So I decided to share with you a list of the top 10 Revenue Operations podcasts that I have come across. These are the revenue operations podcasts I listen to on a regular basis that give me insights and tips I have found useful in my everyday work. I should note that not all of these are revenue operations “podcasts” in the sense that they are downloadable, audio-only series. However, I am comfortable including video interview…

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    Top 10 Revenue Operations Posts from Q4 2020

    Beginning in Q4 we launched a new initiative – a daily newsletter of curated Revenue Operations content called The RevOps Daily. The feedback we’ve gotten has been beyond what we could have ever imagined and our subscriber base grew exponentially! Each morning, we scoured the internet for the most interesting and useful revenue operations content and served them up in a curated list. As we begin the new year, we wanted to take a look at the articles we shared in Q4 that garnered the most engagement. As a whole, they tell a clear story about what Revenue Operators are most interested in. In particular, we saw a great interest…

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    Top 10 Must-Read Blogs for Revenue Operations

    Information is power. Never in the history of humanity has so much information been available to so many people. The ease with which we can simply enter a question into Google and immediately find the answer is staggering. However, with that abundance of information comes the problem of information overload – it becomes increasingly difficult to discern the signal from the noise. In order to help alleviate this challenge for sales operations and revenue operations folks, we’ve decided to compile a list of the 10 top blogs, in no particular order, that you should be reading on a regular basis. HubSpot Blog A ubiquitous presence in the sales and marketing…

  • 9 Revenue Operations Though-Leaders You Should be Following
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    9 Revenue Operations Thought-Leaders You Should Be Following

    We live in a time of information overload. We all experience it, every day. The challenge is doubly difficult for people in the sales space, with so many folks out there claiming to be experts, only to find out they are merely selling a “course” or eBook. Given that Revenue Operations is a relatively new space, there is still a vacuum of knowledge and insights for those of us looking to expand our understanding. Below, we’ll be highlighting 9 of the most influential leaders in the RevOps space that you should be following. Feel free to suggest additional experts to feature in future articles! Evan Liang – CEO, LeanData One…

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    The Revenue Operations Mindset

    In today’s fast-changing business environment, Revenue Operations is becoming an increasingly important function as companies seek new ways to sustain predictable growth. The responsibilities of a RevOps leader are constantly evolving to meet the needs of a growing business. At their core, Revenue Operators have served as agents of change within an organization – taking their companies from a world of siloed Go To Market teams to being aligned towards the ultimate goal of revenue optimization. But that change begins in the way a company thinks about how they can deliver a consistent customer experience across the entire lifecycle. The move towards a RevOps model can be gradual, but it…

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    A Brief History of Revenue Operations

    The last few years have seen a sea-change in B2B buyer behavior. As a result, companies have had to quickly change the way they engage with these potential customers at a rapid pace. The “funnel” that defines how a potential customer goes through their buying journey has turned on its head. Literally. This new reality has caused many companies to reassess how they interact with their sales processes. Many have realized that a siloed approach is no longer sustainable. Bringing Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and other teams into a unified organization helps companies focus on what is most important. Operations has been deeply impacted by this as well. This transition…

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    CPQ: The Ultimate Wingman in B2B Selling

    Think of a date you went on where things went well. You hit all the right notes and you notice the sparks flying. After getting home you text each other frequently and immediately – this signals the start of a strong relationship. Conversely, on dates that didn’t go so well, you notice that they aren’t responding to messages as fast or as detailed because they are not engaged – this means you probably aren’t going on a second date. This comparison is valid in B2B software sales. An engaged customer is more likely to buy, and buy fast. On the other hand, a losing deal will be long and drawn…

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    How Modern CPQ is the Future of Recurring Revenue Operations

    Software businesses’ relationship with the buyer has transformed with the advent of subscription pricing models. The standardization of subscriptions has given the customer unprecedented buying power because they can switch to a competitor quickly. In the B2B subscription economy, the business is no longer selling a product, it is selling a symbiotic relationship with the customer. That relationship starts at your pricing and quoting. If you read my previous article then you know that the subscription economy is changing how software businesses do pricing. Fundamentally speaking, usage denotes how essential the customer felt your solution was to accomplishing their goals. Pricing influences usage which, in a subscription economy, heavily correlates…

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    4 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Success as Deal Desk

    We are now entering a new B2B software economy beyond the seat license with ever-increasingly complex value-based economics. Tomasz Tunguz, a managing director at Redpoint Ventures, recently wrote an article about the behavioral economics behind the three-part tariff pricing model and why it increases usage and the likelihood of renewals. As software companies move toward creating complex deals circling around the three-part tariff pricing model, Deal Desk will play an increasingly important part in enabling Sales, Finance, and Legal to function efficiently at scale.  According to statistics from PwC, deal desks can reduce sales cycle times by up to 25-40% and enhance sales productivity by up to 15-20% by eliminating…