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    Four Building Blocks of Revenue Operations

    Foundational architecture for sustainable progression With the dawn of cross-functional tools, GTM-wide metrics and deeper account management, companies are embracing Revenue Operations now more than ever. They realize that modern business requires a greater degree of alignment between Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Finance in order to rise above the competition. The main purpose of Revenue Operations initially was to pool resources and create some horizontal alignment between the various GTM departments. However, people have realized the cross-functional nature of Revenue Operations has provided unique insights and capabilities within planning, analysis, and strategy. Revenue Operations helps lay the blueprint for business growth and builds the scaffolding to help Sales, Marketing…

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    The One Metric That Matters: Revenue

    Last week in San Francisco, Amazon held their AWS Startup Day 2018 event for entrepreneurs and startup founders. It was an all day event with keynote speakers, a VC panel, and an afternoon of business and technical talks. The keynote speaker, Gina Bianchini, gave a very insightful talk and also had a great hook for a title — “The One Metric That Matters (and other Things You Should Know About Building Startups)” Full recording available online Spoiler Alert: The one metric that matters: Revenue It’s a metric that everyone working at a startup intuitively understands and agrees with. However, it never seems to get the full attention that it deserves. The early…