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    Nora: Why I Joined RevOps

    As a customer success engineer, my role can involve wearing many different hats. I enjoy figuring out what the customer needs, but I also enjoy how the product works technically. It allows me to dabble in every department and learn something new every day. I knew I would have to look for a company that allows me to grow and not put me into a box. When I first found RevOps’ customer success engineer position online, I had been looking for a new company to join that was passionate about their product. I’ve come to learn that people who truly love what they’re working on are the best people to…

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    Getting Buy-in for ‘Lead-to-Cash’ at Your New Gig

    For the last 5 months, you’ve been on the hunt for that perfect job. Perhaps you were laid off when the pandemic hit, or maybe you just came to the point that you didn’t feel you were being challenged enough in your previous role.  Whatever your reason, finding a new job during these uncertain times was surely a difficult task.  But you did it.  You got the job you had always dreamed of, at a company that’s a rocket ship getting ready for blast off.  And now the day has come; your first day at the new gig.  You are thrilled to be joining a startup that is poised to…

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    4 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Success as Deal Desk

    We are now entering a new B2B software economy beyond the seat license with ever-increasingly complex value-based economics. Tomasz Tunguz, a managing director at Redpoint Ventures, recently wrote an article about the behavioral economics behind the three-part tariff pricing model and why it increases usage and the likelihood of renewals. As software companies move toward creating complex deals circling around the three-part tariff pricing model, Deal Desk will play an increasingly important part in enabling Sales, Finance, and Legal to function efficiently at scale.  According to statistics from PwC, deal desks can reduce sales cycle times by up to 25-40% and enhance sales productivity by up to 15-20% by eliminating…

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    Four Building Blocks of Revenue Operations

    Foundational architecture for sustainable progression With the dawn of cross-functional tools, GTM-wide metrics and deeper account management, companies are embracing Revenue Operations now more than ever. They realize that modern business requires a greater degree of alignment between Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Finance in order to rise above the competition. The main purpose of Revenue Operations initially was to pool resources and create some horizontal alignment between the various GTM departments. However, people have realized the cross-functional nature of Revenue Operations has provided unique insights and capabilities within planning, analysis, and strategy. Revenue Operations helps lay the blueprint for business growth and builds the scaffolding to help Sales, Marketing…

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    What is Deal Desk?

    Deal desk is a place where complex, high value deals can be discussed between sales, finance, and product. At a well run deal desk, members of sales present a short summary of the buyer’s journey, the deal being reviewed, its value and strategic importance. Creating an effective deal desk can be especially useful in helping the sales team move quickly and close customers that have unique circumstances. While the forum and format of deal desk may change as a company matures at its core, the goal of deal desk is to agree upon a unique pricing deal and the appropriate contract for the customer. This goal is typically achieved through discussion…

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    The One Metric That Matters: Revenue

    Last week in San Francisco, Amazon held their AWS Startup Day 2018 event for entrepreneurs and startup founders. It was an all day event with keynote speakers, a VC panel, and an afternoon of business and technical talks. The keynote speaker, Gina Bianchini, gave a very insightful talk and also had a great hook for a title — “The One Metric That Matters (and other Things You Should Know About Building Startups)” Full recording available online Spoiler Alert: The one metric that matters: Revenue It’s a metric that everyone working at a startup intuitively understands and agrees with. However, it never seems to get the full attention that it deserves. The early…