• Sales Agreement Templates

    Sales Agreement Breakdown: Active User Subscription With True-Up

    Sales agreements are created for a variety of use-cases, a single template cannot be one size fits all. That’s why we created the RevOps gallery of pre-made sales agreement templates.  The RevOps gallery is your source for sales agreement templates to fit your individual business use-case and pricing structure. Choose one and start customizing it for free.  For the second in our series of posts covering the various templates in the gallery, we’ll be focusing on the Active User Subscription with True-Up template. For businesses that have their products priced on a monthly, per-active user basis, a significant challenge arises when a customer wants or needs to increase their active-users…

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    Sales Agreement Templates

    Sales Agreement Breakdown: Usage-Based Pricing

    The RevOps gallery of pre-made, professionally created sales agreement templates is your go-to source for agreement templates. The gallery enables anyone to find a template that fits their pricing model and get started customizing it right away, for free. In this series of articles, we’ll be doing a deep dive into each individual template – who they are for, what benefits they provide, and how best to leverage them. First up is Usage-Based Pricing. Usage-Based pricing is a powerful way for software businesses to maximize revenue while providing greater flexibility to their customers. In the modern enterprise SaaS world, products that are priced and packaged with a usage-based model enable…