Here’s to the “Doers”

These last 12 months have been, for many, the most difficult they have experienced. Worldwide pandemic, economic recession, and devastating unemployment – we have all been affected in one way or another.

While spreading positivity to our colleagues is always important, this year it is especially so.

That’s why we decided to launch a campaign that enables folks to do just that: The Doers Campaign.

What is a Doer?

do·er a person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking.

We all, in our own ways, have gotten it done this year. If you’ve merely managed to get up every day and try to accomplish something, you’re a doer.

A Doer is tenacious, bold, thinks outside the box, and, above all else, decisive.

We all have Doers in our networks; co-workers who go above and beyond, friends who have overcome adversity, and bosses who went out of their way to help others perform.

As we round out this extremely difficult year, it’s the perfect time to convey our gratitude and give appreciation to the Doers in our lives.

So what makes someone a Doer?

Great teammates are Doers in their own right because they think not only of themselves but the people around them – they are singularly focused on the success of the entire team. These Doers know there is no “I” in team and that they are only successful when those around them succeed.

Sometimes a Doer is that person on your team or in your network who puts their head down and achieves the goals they’ve set for themselves, no matter the challenges they faced along the way.

But the type of Doer we all appreciate is that person who truly goes above and beyond in everything they do. These are the people that go out of their way to empower and help those around them. They are the folks that see a problem and do whatever is necessary to overcome it – thinking outside the box and looking for novel solutions.

Whatever the reason, it’s now more important than ever to show these Doers how much we appreciate them.

Showing Appreciation to Doers

Everyone appreciates being recognized for their hard work – in normal times, showing this appreciation in person would have the most meaning.

However, we are not in normal times.

We wanted to provide folks with the opportunity to show appreciation to the Doers in their lives; something unique that would convey true appreciation and go beyond a simple message.

That’s why we have launched a special tool that enables you to nominate your very own Doer.

Once the nomination is submitted, we will generate a unique, designed “carousel post” that you can then post on LinkedIn while tagging your Doer.

When you submit the nomination, provide us with your Doers name, why you are nominating them, and a short message of appreciation. We will then generate your PDF for posting on LinkedIn.

So show your appreciation today and help us spread positivity by taking part in the Doers Campaign.

Nominate a Doer Today.