Nora: Why I Joined RevOps

As a customer success engineer, my role can involve wearing many different hats. I enjoy figuring out what the customer needs, but I also enjoy how the product works technically. It allows me to dabble in every department and learn something new every day. I knew I would have to look for a company that allows me to grow and not put me into a box.

When I first found RevOps’ customer success engineer position online, I had been looking for a new company to join that was passionate about their product. I’ve come to learn that people who truly love what they’re working on are the best people to work with. It seemed to me that based on their description of their culture, tech, and product that they were worth applying for.

What really sold me was when I had the chance to speak to many different people from the company during my interviews. It was great meeting a group of people that were smart and passionate about their jobs whether it was product, engineering, or customer-facing roles. They assured me that I would be able to learn and be creative while on the job. This seemed like a great opportunity to thrive as a professional.

After over a month here so far, it’s been fun, energetic, and challenging learning a new product, while helping with its growth. I feel much more dedicated knowing that I’m making a big impact and the people around me are as well. I look forward to seeing RevOps grow and love that I get to be one of the people who make it happen!

Nora Gojcevic is a Customer Success Engineer at RevOps

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