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CPQ is Dead. Long Live Deal Desk!

Get up and running in hours (not months!) without any implementation costs or consultants. Leave CPQs behind and choose a solution your reps will love. 

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Head of Revenue Operations @ Retool

Jonathan Krangel
I knew that nobody likes Salesforce CPQ. Most of my reps who had used it before and had nightmares about it. I also knew that Salesforce wouldn't sell you CPQ without a $30,000 professional services agreement

Co-Founder @ Atrium

Pete Kazanjy
I'm a super customer fanboy of RevOps. I'm a huge process optimizer person, and anything that can remove inefficiencies from the sales motion gets me really excited.

Sales Ops Manager@ Onna

Kevin Wisniewski
I always bring reps in when we implement because they use it the most. There was a light bulb moment for our AEs, in which they said, "This is all I have to do? This is so easy."

Easy Implementation

Hit the Ground Running

Never mind the six-month implementation and the $30,000 "consultant," RevOps is ready out of the box with minimal implementation requirements.

No Third-Party Implementation Requirements

"Plug and Play" Ready

Works Within Your Process

CRM Integrations

Natively Integrates With Your CRM

RevOps natively integrates Salesforce and HubSpot, dynamically syncing with both native and custom objects.

Bi-directional deal data sync between RevOps and your CRM

No More Jumping Between Systems

Dynamically Generate Custom Data in Your Sales Agreements

Agreement Builder

Built-in Pricing Calculator

No more spreadsheets and Excel formulas. Pricing and discounting calculations are done in real-time.

Templatized SKU and Term Blocks

Ramp schedules, true-ups, and minimum commitments

Upsells, cross-sells, and co-terming

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