Customer Growth Story

How Edify got new hires to be pricing experts in 15 minutes.

What if your Sales Reps could start sending out 4 to 5 quotes within their first week?

Customer highlight
Cliff from Edify
Cliff SynderSales Operations Manager
@ Edify

The Challenge

Edify was growing its sales team at a fast clip but struggled to get their new reps up and running with sending out proposals and their approval process was negatively impacting their sales velocity.

What Edify Did

  • Using RevOps Dynamic Pricing Formula, they were able to leverage their unique pricing model and create on the fly price estimates while on a call with their customers.
  • Unified their entire sales team to use the same up to date version of their MSA.

🎉 The Result

Edify was able to get reps up and running within 15 min using RevOps Deal Editor, get an initial quote to their customer live, while they were on the call.

With the ease-of-use of RevOps, we have our new reps up and running within 15 min.
We have a tool that makes the proposal a more interactive process – where we would build this proposal together and possibly just come to an agreement right then and there.

Cliff Synder is a Sales Enablement and Operations Manager at Edify , a unified communication software company that helps businesses and clients connect with their customers. Their team was looking to consolidate the different version of their Sales agreement into a centralized tool.

Q: Could you tell us a little bit what your sales process looked like before using RevOps?

Cliff: Prior to RevOps, our quoting processes was extremely time-consuming. Our team struggled to maintain version control on their proposals and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get approvals.

Cliff: We had 3-4 different items floating around at one time. No one knew what the newest version was; one person on the East Coast was using a different version than on the West Coast. What we really needed was a unified team under a single MSA.

Q: How is your process now different?

Cliff: I’m no longer managing SKUs directly in Salesforce, which can be quite complicated and time-consuming. With RevOps, I am able to maintain our SKUs and price book directly in the platform.

Cliff: In addition, we can now provide an initial quote upfront to a customer to get an idea of the quote, we can then immediately start negotiating and quickly get them the final proposal with the correct MSA. The deployment of RevOps was quick and easy, enabling us to get our reps up and running within 15 minutes and sending out 4-5 quotes within their first week!

Cliff: By using the RevOps Quote Builder, our Sales team is able to get an initial quote to our customers live while they are on a call, providing prospects with an idea of cost. We then have a proposal with MSA all available instantly for managers to review and approve.

Q: What do you do with the time that you’ve saved?

Cliff: I no longer have to navigate the labyrinth of Salesforce to search price books and line items, doing it all in RevOps saves me a ton of time. We’re now able to reinvest our time saved on closing deals and onboarding new reps to double-down on our sales efforts and deploy resources to other aspects of our sales process where they are needed.

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