The gong has gone off. Your customer has signed the contract and they're excited to get started. It's the first important moment of that customer's experience and one of the riskiest.

If things go poorly, your customer may get an incorrect invoice, could have access to more or less of your product than they paid for, or even miss out on important documentation, information, or even the simple "thank you" we can tell all customers. Regardless of which problem they encounter, the customer is left with one thought: "What's their problem?"

We believe that the time of manual checklists is over.

We believe that the time of fragile, hardcoded scripts is over.

We believe that the time of inconsistent, unpredictable, and risky onboarding is over.

At RevOps, we are working to make sure your customer's experience is smooth, consistent, and entirely transparent so your team can focus on your product.

Account Activation

With the RevOps Account Activation approach, we streamline the onboarding process into three discrete steps and automate each so all your customers have the right experience every time.

First, we Activate Billing to automatically generate consistent, correct invoices based on the contract information from your deals. Through our Stripe integration, the customer can pay securely in moments.

Next, we Provision Customers to broadcast to your system the specific products, features, and options your customer bought and when their subscription begins and ends.

Finally, we can Notify Teams to send Slack updates, email announcements, or even welcome messages to ensure your teams can celebrate and support your new customer.

Account Activation is only our first step. Through our Webhooks and underlying APIs, you can plug in and do more before your customer signs or as their usage and adoption of your product grows.