Quickstart for Bluth's Banana Phone service

Bluth sells banana phones with global SMS, and wants to provide country-specific SMS messages limits.

This quickstart teaches you to create dynamic line item descriptions for your Proposals which enables your team's to onboard faster with any package configuration.

You will learn in 5 minutes:

  1. How to create a custom property.
  2. How to use variables in line item description fields.

Example of your new Sales Tool for Bluth Banana Phone Service business: Bulleted list of features included in global sms


  1. You know what a SKU is.
  2. You've taken Variable Anatomy 101.
  3. You have administrative superpowers in RevOps. If not, talk to your admin.

Welcome to Sales Ops at Bluth's Bananas Incorporated!

Bluth’s Banana Phone Service wants to setup Global SMS services with its customer's and wants the flexibility to set limits in various countries per customer.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Create a Global SMS SKU.

Create a SKU for Global SMS

Example creating a Global SMS SKU Bluth’s Banana Phone Service set up a SKU to reflect their Global SMS Package which includes up to 1500 sms messages and has different limits for particular countries.

Bluth's Sales Ops team wants the line item description to dynamically reflect the limit to the number of sms messages per country.

By default the line item description shows only static text.

The SKU's line description starts out as a static text:

- Global SMS up to 1500 Messages
- Includes up to 1000 Mexico SMS Messages
- Includes up to 500 US Outbound SMS Messages

Step 2: Create Custom Properties for SKU

In order to change the limits dynamically, we first need to create custom properties for the countries we want to set limits on.

Create custom properties

Step 3: Include Custom Property Variables in Line Item Description

Finally, we come back to the line item description on the SKU and update the Markdown so that it the limits on the custom properties reflect in the Proposal.

** The Markdown below in the Line Item Description powers fields dynamically **

- Global SMS up to `{{current.sku.quantity}}` Messages
- Includes up to `{{current.sku.properties.Mexico.value}}` Mexico SMS Messages
- Includes up to `{{current.sku.properties.USOutbound.value}}` US Outbound SMS Messages

Include variables for custom properties

Make sure you save the SKU. And the sales team is ready to go!

Your Sales team will now be able to customize limits and perform their own pricing experiments!

Bulleted list of features included in global sms

For further reading about about variables see Variable Reference Guide