Illustrated feature flags graphicFeature Flags

Custom solutions are no longer exclusively for the enterprise

Use flags to power entitlements, build better pricing, and tailor to customer needs.

Win more customers by decoupling business decisions from the provisioning and entitlement process.

RevOps Feature Flags empower teams to sell more flexibly with or without a given feature and set service limitations. Every customer is different, so naturally their solutions are too. Instead of squeezing customers into oversized packages, customers receive an optimal package for their growth.

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A demonstration

How does it work?

When you enable or disable, change the numbers of the feature flags, the quote automatically updates. Take a test drive below!

Quote Builder Settings

Global SMS

Feature Flag Settings

Enable International Inbound

Included Minutes

Limit to

Included SMS Messages

Limit to

How it looks on the quote

ProductTotal cost
Global SMS
  • International Inbound Support on Phone Numbers
  • 1000 minutes included
  • 10000 messages included
Subtotal Costs$2,000