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This integration supports the following Salesforce plans:
Salesforce Professional
Salesforce Enterprise
Salesforce Unlimited

Modern CPQ for Salesforce


RevOps CPQ & Deal Desk enables Salesforce users to build a modern, scalable deal desk with templated agreements, approval workflows, pricing guardrails, and total data integrity. With the Salesforce integration, operators will have a fully setup Deal Desk & CPQ with Salesforce in a matter of minutes.

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A Single Source of Truth for Contract Data

RevOps enables you to stream data from RevOps to any field or object in Salesforce.


Unified Pricebook

Bi-directionally sync price book data from Salesforce with RevOps so that deal pricing is always correct.

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Unlimited Dashboards and Reporting

Track pricing deviations from contracts as well as term changes on agreements and create in-depth reports and dashboards.


Collaborate, Price, Quote

Create deals collaboratively, without the back and forth emails and Slack messages.

  • Contextual deal-making
  • @-Mention Stakeholders
  • Audit Trail of Comments and Changes to agreements.
  • Slack and email notifications for keeping everyone on track
  • Timeline events are published automatically when the sales team or customers interact with deals.
A new way to configure, price, quote, and automate!

A CPQ solution shouldn't take months to implement, require six-figure implementation budgets, and have low internal adoption. RevOps Deal Desk & CPQ Integration is a true modern CPQ solution that is natively integrated with HubSpot.

  • Interfaces the salesperson is familiar with.
  • Automatic tracking of changes between standard terms and deviations
  • A simple operations platform to maintain rules and configurations for complex pricing, terms, and workflows.
Flexible Approvals With Operational Controls

Create deals collaboratively, without the back-and-forth emails and Slack messages.

  • Automated Approval Rules
  • Granular Approval Sections
  • Alert Approvers When Approval is Required
Robust Contract Management

Generate NDAs, MSAs, agreements, quotes and other documents in a variety of formats (e.g. Word, PDF and HTML)

  • NDAs, MSAs, Order Form, Contracts, and More
  • Redlining and DocX Generation
  • Attach Other Agreements to RevOps Quotes

Take The Complexity Out of Complex Pricing

Create agreements based on non-standard pricing models such as usage-based, ramping, bucket pricing, volume discounts, and more

  • Usage-Based and Metered Pricing
  • Ramp schedules, true-ups, and minimum commitments
  • Upsells, cross-sells, and co-terming

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