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Attaching documents to the Deal

In more complex sales agreements, you may want to attach an already negotiated agreement such as the Master Service Agreement, Data Processing Agreement, or Service Level Agreement, to your quoted order form.

Since these other agreements may have been agreed upon and redlined outside of RevOps we recommend that once you are ready to move toward signature to upload them back to RevOps so that all your documents can be signed together. Here are the steps to handle this process:

First, go to the Deal and open the "Additional Agreements" card to "Upload Document":

Currently, RevOps only allows one document to be uploaded so if you may need to combine multiple documents outside of RevOps before uploading them to your order form.

Once your agreement has been attached, you can select whether your customer must sign both the Order Form and the attached document as two separate signature pages or to simply only sign the Order Form.

If Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) or Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are commonly attached to your order form, you can also upload as well.


RevOps will attach both documents together so that when your customer is reviewing your deal, they can easily view both the order form as well as your MSA.


When signing, both documents are combined into a single file for a faster signing experience. Signing has been completed, the documents are stored as a single file.

There isn't a one size fits all approach to managing the terms of service for your Sales agreements. At RevOps, we believe in providing you with composable parts so that you can easily build the agreements you and your customers are happiest with. With these two features, we hope to offer you flexibility in making every sale easy to close.

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