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How do I create a Deal?

Creating a new deal is easy, just follow these simple steps.

Users can draft a new deal with RevOps to create proposals and agreements for their customers to review and sign.

Follow the steps below to get started creating a deal:

Step 1: Click on "New Deal" to get started. You can find this button on the top right hand corner.

Every deal created starts from a deal template. This makes it quick and easy for you to start putting together your deal.

Step 2: Select the Salesforce Opportunity or Hubspot Deal that this agreement will be associated with. By selecting this record from your CRM, RevOps is able to import your customer's contacts and addresses.

If you do not have a CRM to your RevOps account, you may skip this field and choose to manually enter the contact name and address to whom your agreement will be made out for.

Once the Salesforce opportunity or Hubspot deal has been selected you can also select:

  • the contact who will be assigned to sign the agreement (Signer),
  • and the contact that the agreement will be made out to (Lead Contact)

The same contact could be both your lead contact as well as the signer or you could select different contacts.

When the lead contact is selected, you'll notice their name, title, and email displayed at the top right hand corner of your agreement.

While each agreement can only have one lead contact, you may have multiple required signers on your customer's end. Keep in mind that each selected signer must sign the agreement before the contract is complete.

Did you know? You can also click directly on the proposal to edit any of these properties, like customer info, SKUs, and legal terms! 💬

Step 3: To adjust the line items on your deal, you can select the individual line items you would like update. Additional line items can also be created on the deal by adding SKUs.

Step 4: To add or make changes to your terms, you may also hover and click on the term you want to edit.

Additionally terms can be added to the header of the agreement by clicking on "Add Terms to Header" as well as to the body of the agreement by clicking on either "Add Terms" or "Edit Terms"

Step 5: Once you're happy with your deal, you can choose to either Save it or Submit it for Approval. By submitting it for approval, your Deal Desk team can review the deal and make sure it's ready to be signed.

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