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Setting up auto-approval for discounted deals

Learn how to set up an auto-approval workflow so that deals discounted 10% or less are auto-approved and can be immediately shared for signing.

Your company is growing at a rapid pace and with that comes the hiring of 10 new members to your sales team. It's become unsustainable to have your managers approve every deal submitted by your continually growing team. 

After discussions, your business agrees that the Sales team can decide when they'd like to offer customers with a 10% discount without the approval of the managers. This would allow them to share and sign deals without any wait time!

Using RevOps.io, you can use Workflows to auto-approval your deals. To start setting up your approvals, go to Settings > Workflows.

Click on "Enable auto-approval" to start setting up your auto-approval workflow. Each organization may only have one auto-approval workflow to ensure accuracy of the workflows.


Once the auto-approval workflow has been created, click on "Edit" to modify the conditions of the rule.

To set up auto-approvals for any deal with less 10% discount or less. We'll first select the "subtotal (%)". Then we'll select the ">=" (greater than or equal to) as the condition and set the percent to "90".

In this case, if the Total Contract Value of the deal is 90% or more than the Total List Price of the deal, then the deal would be auto-approved. This is the same as if a discount of 10% or less is offered on the deal.

If you'd prefer to allow a 20% or less discount, make the condition ">= 80%" .

Once you've saved the workflow, any deals now created will be immediately approved and ready for signature.

Just look at the deal and you'll see it approved by the "RevOps Bot".



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