Importing Salesforce Data with Variables

Any data field on the Opportunity as well as one object association away via a Lookup field can be imported to RevOps as a Salesforce Variable. By importing information from Salesforce to RevOps, you can display them on the Line Item Description of any SKU or in the Term Language of any Term.

To create a Salesforce Variable, head to the Variables tab of Salesforce Integration Settings 

Add a mapping, and search for the Salesforce data field you would like to import. 

Once the Salesforce Variable has been created, RevOps will import this data field wherever the Variable has been placed. Place the Variable in any Line Item Description or Term Language field by addressing the variable reference name in the Handlebars syntax .

RevOps only imports the values for these Variables when the Salesforce Opportunity is first selected. To update these values, you’ll need to reselect the opportunity on your deal.