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Managing Counter Signers

A countersignature is an additional signature added to a document that has already been signed. Every agreement created with RevOps can be signed and countersigned.

In this guide, we'll dive into the basics of getting counter signature setup and managing your counter signers.

  • Setting up counter signers
  • Assigning counter signers based on the Deal Owner
  • Edit and change counter signers

Setting up counter signers

Countersignature can be configured in the e-signature section of Workplace settings.

When this feature is enabled, you’ll want to select the User responsible for counter signing all, if not most, deals won within RevOps. All deals created within RevOps will assign this User as the counter signer.

If you choose to disable counter signer when the deal is created a counter signer will not be auto-assigned. A counter signer can still be added during the deal desk process.


Assigning counter signers based on the Deal Owner

Counter signers may also be assigned to deals based on who creates the deal. This is especially useful if your Sales organization is segmented by region or verticals where specific members are responsible for countersigning deals for their particular team.

To set this up, first create and add Users to the team as team members.

Next, add the User that would countersign for the team as the decision-maker and also select them as the counter signer.

If you add and select multiple Users as counter signers for the team, each User will be required to countersign the team.

Now, each time a deal is created by one of the team members, the designated counter signers on the team will be assigned as the counter signer for the deal.

If a deal is created by a User that is not on a team, RevOps will fallback to your default counter signer setting.


Updating the Counter Signer of the Deal

When a deal has been created, you’ll see the designated “Counter Signer”.

To change the counter signer, click on “Edit” and select another User.

Currently, only Users that are designated as “Counter Signers” on a team, or have the Admin, Deal Desk Manager, or Sales Manager role can be added as Counter Signers to a deal. Countersigners can be changed by Users with the Admin or Deal Desk Manager role.

If multiple counter signers are listed here, a countersignature will be required for each User.

When no counter signers are listed, the agreement will not need to be countersigned.

Please note that while RevOps will allow you to edit the counter signer when the deal is in "Signing" status, this change will require ALL previous signers to resign the deal. When this change is made, the deal will be moved back to "Neogitation".

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