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Managing Signature Type and Order

RevOps offers two signature platforms for eSigning your agreements. With either integration you get the power of RevOps CPQ including approval workflows, CRM sync, and view tracking of your proposal.

Configuring Your Templates

Within Deal Studio you can configure your signature type on a template by template basis. When using RevOps native eSignature, you can choose between clickthrough, customer only, or multi party agreements. You can also choose if your company or your customer should sign first.

When using our DocuSign integration, agreements will be multi party and must be signed by the customer first.

Changing Signature Order

When using RevOps native eSignature, admins are able to change the signature order on a deal by deal basis. Customer signature order can be adjusted on any signature platform by dragging the signature cards into the expected order. All signatures happen in-order and cannot be skipped. A signer can view the proposal at any time, but cannot sign if there is another signer before them.

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