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Reviewing and approving deals

When a deal is submitted to Deal Desk, it will transition to "Attention" status and email notifications will be sent to the final approvers of the deal. These final approvers may then review the deal and choose to approve it or discuss the deal with other Users in the organization.

Discussions on the deal are especially useful to notify the Deal Owner when changes must be made, escalate sections of the deal to other Users for review and keep track of the historical decisions made.

To start commenting on the deal, click on "Edit Deal" then "Discuss" or open up the Comments card and start collaboration. Each comment you post, may be linked to a section of the deal and assign another User to review and approve that section.


Deals can then be moved back to draft, if changes must be made by the Rep, or rejected. Rejected deals are immediately archived. However, these deals may be edited and brought back to use.

After the review process has completed, anyone assigned as a final approver, may approve the deal. The deal will transition to "Approved" status and is now ready for signing. Deals do not need to be approved by all final approvers to mark a deal as "Approved".

In the event that all final approvers are out of office, Admins and Deal Desk Managers, while not set as the "Approver" may still push the deal to "Approved."

Auto-Approved Deals

If the deal submitted to Deal Desk meets the rules of the auto-approval workflow, the RevOps Bot will immediately mark the deal as "Approved". The deal owner may then immediately share the deal for signing.

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