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Setting up Term to collect information (Billing Email, PO #) from Signer

Require customers to enter billing email and PO # while signing to speed up post-closing processes.

Chasing down the billing contact and email, or PO # requirements from customers after they've signed the contract can be a headache. Without this information, invoicing can be a time consuming process, as you chase down this information from your customer.

To improve this process, we recommend requiring it from your customer as they are signing the contract. The information provided by your customer could then be synced to Salesforce so that the data is centralized can be used for any post-closing automation you might want to setup.

Here are the steps to these types of terms up:

  1. First create the Term and set the Input Type to "String".
  2. Once you've made the Term a String, you'll notice a toggle under "Advanced Behavior" a toggle called "Editable by Signer". You'll want to turn this on.

When a field is set as "Editable by Signer", an input will always be required by your customer signer. By default this field is set as optional but can also be made required for your Sales Rep on the template, if you wish for them to fill this field in before submitting the deal to deal desk.

When used on the deal, you'll notice an icon that denotes the information inputted in this field can be editable by the signer.

Upon signing the deal, the first customer signer will be required to input information into any field that is set as "Editable by Signer" before signature can be completed.


When setting up PO # as a term, we recommend setting the value of the term as "Not Required" then allow your customers to enter a PO# if needed.

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