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Setting up multiple service periods for a line item

Offer ramping or step ups by creating multiple service periods to a line item.

In this example, we'll setup a 3 year agreement where a 15% discount is applied to only the first year. Additionally, we'll be selling more quantity units over the course of the 3 years.

This sales strategy allows us to offer an introductory price to the customer as an incentive for agreeing to a longer and larger commitment in the future.


To set this up, we'll first add our "Platform Subscription" SKU to the order form. 

Next, we'll add 2 additional time periods by clicking on the "Add Time Period" button. If you don't see a "Add time period" button, you may need to first click on "Adjust Dates". This functionality may not be available depending on the permissions set by your Admin.

To setup dates and pricing, we'll first want to make sure that the start date of our first service period is anchored to our contract start date so that if we happen to change our contract start date, our service start date also updates.

Next, we'll set the end date to be 12 months from the start date so that our service period is 12 months long.

Since we're creating a 3 year agreement, for the second and third service periods, we'll want to confirm that each period is also 12 months. Once the dates of each period is set, we'll apply the quantity and discount for each period.

And that's how our line items can be broken out into multiple periods!

Other examples of agreements with multiple periods

One year agreement where a 25% discount is applied to only the first 6 months.


Two year agreement where the total price per year is shown per line item.

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