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Signing RevOps Agreements

In this guide, we'll show you how to sign a RevOps agreement.

When putting together your deal, you'll first want to select the customer contact that will be signing your deal.

If multiple contacts are selected, all of the contacts would be required to sign the deal before the agreement is complete.

Once the deal has been approved, RevOps will instantly create a portal for your customer to view and sign your deal.

The contact that you've selected to sign the deal will have the ability to do so, once you've invited them to view your deal.

There are two ways to invite your contact to view your deal:

  1. By clicking on "Share", which will send your customer an email inviting them to view and sign the deal.
  2. By clicking on "Copy Link", and sharing this link with your customer.

If you'd like to see how your customer will view your deal, click on the "View Proposal" button while viewing the deal.

After your contact has clicked on the link provided, they may need to verify their email to sign your agreement.

For verification purposes, the email entered to view the deal, must exactly match the email you've assigned as the signer of your agreement. If they do not match or no one is listed, your customer may not be able to view or sign the deal.

Once the authorized signer is viewing the deal, they'll see a "Sign Document" button at the top right-hand corner.


RevOps will identify the authorized signer based on who is viewing the deal. If they are not assigned as the Signer, then the assigned Signer's name will instead be displayed.


Simply click on "Sign Document" and RevOps will redirect the Signer to DocuSign, where the e-signature process can be completed.


If any of your terms were set up to be editable by the signer, they'll also have the chance to enter in the relevant information.

The completed agreement will be shared once all signatures are completed.

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