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Syncing Line Items from RevOps to Opportunity Line Items

RevOps is designed to sync line items from deals to Salesforce Opportunities to keep your Opportunities up to date for forecasting and tracking purposes.


While these features will work upon connecting to your Salesforce account, the SKUs in RevOps must be associated to Products in Salesforce before the line items can be synced.

By default, RevOps will create Products and Price Book Entries for any SKU created after you've connected RevOps to your Salesforce account.

If you create RevOps SKUs before connecting to Salesforce, these SKUs will not have an associated Product2ID or Pricebook2ID.

SKUs without a Product2ID and Pricebook2ID will not sync to Opportunity Line Items. If you prefer to create new Products in Salesforce, simply save this SKU again.

SKUs can also connected to existing Products created in Salesforce via the "Salesforce" tab in SKU Setting. Simply update the Product or Pricebook IDs to match the associated objects in Salesforce.

To learn more about connecting RevOps SKUs to Salesforce, check out this help article.

Syncing to Opportunity Line Items

Line Items will be sync each time the deal is saved or submitted for approval.

To ensure that the Opportunity Products (also known as Opportunity Line Items) matches the Line Items on the Deal, RevOps will remove any existing Opportunity Line Items and insert only the Line Items on the Deal.

Syncing will fail, if the quantity of a line item is 0. Salesforce does not allow Opportunity Line Items to be 0.

Syncing behavior for standard fields on Opportunity Line Items

Standard Field Enrichment Behavior
Product Based on ProductID configured on the SKU
If the SKU does not have a Salesforce ProductID, RevOps is unable to insert the Product as an Opportunity Line Item
Product Code Not Enriched
List Price Enriched by Unit Price on Price Book Entry
Sales Price Calculated by Salesforce by dividing total price by quantity. RevOps only enriches the Total Price field.
Quantity Salesforce does not support a quantity of 0.
If a quantity of 0 is used on the Deal, a Salesforce sync error will occur.
Discount Not Enriched
Total Price By default, RevOps will write the adjusted net price of the line item to this field. Salesforce uses this field along with the quantity field to calculate sales price.
If you prefer to enrich your opportunity line item with the adjusted annual price or the adjusted monthly price, let us know.
Line Description Not Enriched
Created By User Account authenticated in RevOps.


Managing opportunity line item sync for line items with multiple service periods

When a line item uses multiple service periods is used, RevOps will create an Opportunity Line Item for each period. This enrichment allows you to get the most granular view of pricing and quantities sold per period. Whether you are ramping over multiple years or months, the start date, quantity, and price of each period will be inserted as an individual Opportunity Line Item.

For example, if your deal looks like this:

Opportunity Line Items would look like the following:



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