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Co-Founer @ Atrium

Pete Kazanjy
I'm a super customer fanboy of RevOps. I'm a huge process optimizer person, and anything that can remove inefficiencies from the sales motion gets me really excited.

Head of Revenue Operations @ Retool

Jonathan Krangel
With the SMB team, I found that one out of every two agreements, so 50% of agreements in June, had some sort of issue. After implementing RevOps, I found only one issue out of over 150 deals.

Director of Revenue Operations @ Repsly

Jennifer Quintero
RevOps helps us get more visibility into what’s happening with our deals, creates transparency across our organization, and makes Finance feel a lot more comfortable around what’s going out to a customer.

Why Do You Need a Deal Desk?

An intelligent Deal Desk equals more profitable decisions.


Without Deal Desk

High level of inefficiency

Team misalignment

Lack of trust in decision making

Slow speed-to-close

Disorganized approval process

Unscalable process

With Deal Desk

Confident in Pricing Decisions

Structured approval process

Increased deal velocity

Minimal errors on deals

Team alignment

Scalable for the future


Collaborate, Price, Quote

Create deals collaboratively, without the back and forth emails and Slack messages.

Contextual deal making

Audit trail of changes

Granular approvals


The Way a Quoting Tool Should Be

An agreement builder that your reps will actually use.

Built with the end-user in mind

Easy amendments = greater LTV

Flexibility with terms and SKUs


Smarter, Faster Decision Making

Create a scalable process with guardrails, templates, approval workflows, and more.

Customizable templates


Approval workflows


Customizations to meet your business needs

We understand no two businesses are the same, let us customize our services to adapt to your business needs and scalability

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