RevOps Product Webinar

Presenting Legal Terms on Your Contracts

Watch Dan Veres, Sr. Account Executive, and Mark Lerner, Head of Marketing, to learn how to best present legal terms on your contracts and leverage them to help you close more deals!

In This Webinar, We Cover:


How to standardize legal terms across your sales organization


Empowering reps to Quickly add/remove legal terms to keep high deal velocity


Decreasing redlining with online Terms of Use


Correctly routing the various order forms to relevant stakeholders to decrease friction in closing

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Presented By


Dan Veres

Sr. Account Manager


Mark Lerner

Head of Marketing

Pre-Approved Legal Terms

Legal Term Flexibility, Without Any Surprises

Give reps the power to use legal terms as leverage for closing deals while remaining within pre-set bounds.

Templatized legal term blocks

Amend or remove blocks from a deal

Add custom amendments and notes to legal terms

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