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Sharing deals with customer

Learn the different ways your RevOps Deal can be shared and viewed.

RevOps makes sharing deals easy so that your customers can quickly view and sign. Your deal can be shared 3 different ways:

  1. with a dedicated link to your deal,
  2. via email,
  3. or by downloading a PDF copy of your agreement.

Once the deal has been approved, the "Sharing & E-signing" options will be made available. Here we can see the ability to share the deal via email, copy a link to the deal, and download a PDF copy of the deal. 

As the deal owner, you must initiate when the deal should be shared. RevOps Deals will never be automatically shared with your customer.

Share via Link

A link to your proposal can be shared with your customer by clicking on "Copy Link".

Please note that the link you copy here is to a view of your deal specifically for your customer. This is a different URL than the one you may see and use when editing your deal.


When your customer clicks on this link, they will be prompted to enter their email before they can view the deal. This login is to make sure that if you accidentally share the link with the wrong customer, they cannot view a deal that does not belong to them. Additionally, as the Deal Owner, if you were to enter your own email address, you will not be able to view the deal.


Viewing Permissions

RevOps offers two types of viewing permissions to verify who has access to your deal.

  • Restrict viewing access to the list of contacts you allow on the deal.
  • By default, all deals are set to this viewing permissions.
  • In order to view your deal, your customer must enter an email that matches one of the contacts you've included on your deal. You can see this list of contacts in the "Deals Details" section.

  • Allow anyone with a specific email domain enter their email to view your deal.
  • You may also update the viewing permission to allowing anyone who enters their email with a matching email domain view your deal.
  • If you know that your deal will be shared by your customer, this viewing permission allows your customer to easily pass around your deal while giving you some level of control.

Share via Email

Alternatively, you can click on "Share" and send your customer an invite to your deal.

Upon receiving this email, they can click on the button to view the deal.

Before viewing the deal, they may be prompted to enter their name. This is to help you track who is viewing your deals. RevOps will email the Deal Owner each time someone views your deal so that you know who and how many times your deal is being seen by your customer.

When viewing your deal, your customer may also choose to share the deal internally with their own colleagues. By clicking on the "Share" button while they are viewing your proposal, they can also enter an email and click send.

As the Deal Owner, you'll receive an email notification again so that you can keep an eye on who your deal is being shared.

Status Update 

If you've shared your deal through a link or email, the status of your deal will be moved to "Negotiation" this is to help you better track which deal has been shared and which deals are yet to be shared.

Share as PDF

If your deal needs to be viewed and signed outside RevOps, you may also choose to download a PDF copy of the deal. RevOps generates a downloadable copy of your deal as soon as it's been approved.


Viewing Proposal as your customer

To get a sense of what your deal may look like to your customer, click on the "View Proposal" button.



  • Deals can only be shared with customers after the deal has been approved.
  • The Deal Overview section of your deal will offer you the option to copy a link, share your deal, or download a PDF copy of your deal.
  • When sharing your deal via a link, confirm the viewing permission.


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