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The Modern Deal Desk Platform

Close deals faster, with fewer errors, and have full visibility throughout the process.

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Sales Operations Manager @ Onna

Kevin Wisniewski

When we looked at RevOps, it checked off all the boxes of what we were looking for. It was really refreshing to see a tool that was exactly what we needed.

VP Global Sales @ Zeplin

James Tuck

With RevOps, we get real-time visibility of revenue opportunities at the dollar level. We now have insights into what reps are proposing before the deal terms are, as well as if and when a proposal has been viewed.

Director, Sales Operations @ Radar

Vanessa Hamer

With RevOps, sellers are empowered to share quotes with customers faster and with greater consistency, and I can remain proactive in helping them in other ways.

Why Do You Need a Deal Desk?

An intelligent Deal Desk equals more profitable decisions.

Without Deal Desk

High level of inefficiency

Lack of trust in decision making

Disorganized approval process

Team misalignment

Slow speed-to-close

Unscalable process

With Deal Desk

Confident in Pricing Decisions

Structured approval process

Increased deal velocity

Minimal errors on deals

Team alignment

Scalable for the future


Collaborate, Price, Quote

Create deals collaboratively, without the back and forth emails and Slack messages.

Contextual deal making

Audit trail of changes

Granular approvals


"The Way a Quoting Tool Should Be"

An agreement builder that your reps will actually use. How novel!

Built with the end-user in mind

Easy amendments = greater LTV

Flexibility with terms and SKUs


Smarter, Faster Decision Making

Create a scalable process with guardrails, templates, approval workflows, and more.

Customizable templates


Approval Workflows


Customizations to meet your business needs

We understand no two businesses are the same, let us customize our services to adapt to your business needs and scalability. 



How Commsor Saw a 25% Decrease in Time to Close with RevOps

"We now have pre-built agreement templates in RevOps that have enabled reps to get contracts out super quickly, decreasing our time to close deals considerably."

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Elaine Tsai

May 10, 2022

April Product Updates

Have you noticed our new design system?As part of our ongoing effort to improve our application, we have made improvements to buttons, tables, input fields, and more. The redesign allows us to ensure consistency in our application and make it more intuitive. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Mark Lerner

May 02, 2022

The RevOps Framework for Renewals

Acquisition. ToFu. Net New - All of these terms have one thing in common: they don’t account for the part of the revenue engine after a deal closes.

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A modern Deal Desk platform to help sales organizations close more deals faster. Reduce errors, decrease time-to-close, and build a scalable process.