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Our mission is to eliminate manual business procedures through automation, freeing up businesses to engage thoughtfully with their customers.

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The Idea

A Scalable Deal Desk

RevOps was founded in 2018 by pricing nerds Adam Ballai and John Solis from Twilio, Stripe, and PullString (acquired by Apple). John and Adam has a simple mission: enable businesses from early-stage to scaling startups to build a scalable Deal Desk operation.

Meet the Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Ballai

Co-Founder & CTO

John Solis

VP of Revenue Operations

Sharad Chanana

Head of Product Management

Elaine Tsai

Lead Product Designer

Mario Nikolic

Software Engineer

Jason Kiesling

Sr. Account Manager

Dan Veres

Support Engineer

Andy Chen

Lead Software Engineer

Max Amante

Software Engineer

Kyle Piira

Software Engineer

Maia Ling