• Revenue Leader Interview

    Data, Insights, Systems, and Processes With Jonathan Morgan, Director of Sales and Marketing Ops at AchieveIt

    The responsibilities laid on the shoulders of Revenue Operators have gotten more and more complex over the years. COVID-19 has made it doubly so.  In this fascinating discussion with Jonathan Morgan, Director of Sales and Marketing Ops/Head of Marketing at AcheiveIt, we dive deep into the difficult challenges that people in RevOps roles face and how they must balance competing demands in order to help align teams and scale organizations.  Below are excerpts from that discussion that have been lightly edited for clarity: RevOps: Can you tell us a bit about you, your background, how you found revenue operations, your journey to AchieveIt, and what you are doing now? Jonathan…

  • guardrails for sales
    Pricing Strategy

    How to Create Guardrails that Empower Your Sales Team

    In March of 2021, RevOps joined the folks at RevGenius for a fascinating discussion focused on empowering sales reps with guardrails in order to help them sell faster. The discussion between Adam Ballai, CEO, and Mark Lerner, Head of Marketing, was wide-ranging and informative. Adam gave insights into his experience building revenue engines for leading SaaS businesses, such as Twilio, as well as lessons learned by working with RevOps customers. If you’d like to watch the entire webinar, you can do so here. In the early part of the webinar, Adam discussed some of the lessons he’s learned from working in early-stage companies who felt the pain of inflexibility around…

  • Sales Agreement Templates

    Sales Agreement Breakdown: Active User Subscription With True-Up

    Sales agreements are created for a variety of use-cases, a single template cannot be one size fits all. That’s why we created the RevOps gallery of pre-made sales agreement templates.  The RevOps gallery is your source for sales agreement templates to fit your individual business use-case and pricing structure. Choose one and start customizing it for free.  For the second in our series of posts covering the various templates in the gallery, we’ll be focusing on the Active User Subscription with True-Up template. For businesses that have their products priced on a monthly, per-active user basis, a significant challenge arises when a customer wants or needs to increase their active-users…

  • RevOps SOC-2
    Product Announcement

    RevOps is Now SOC-2 Type 1 Compliant

    Data security is one of the most important concerns for both us and our customers. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that RevOps is now SOC-2 Type 1 compliant. Being SOC-2 compliant means that we as an organization are following recognized standards and controls in securing our customers’ data. What Does SOC-2 Type I Compliance Mean? For B2B companies data security has never been more important. With the proliferation of data breaches and hacks, companies must know that their software or service providers are fully compliant with all the best practices for security. There are two types of SOC-2 certification: Types I: This certification ensures that a vendor’s systems…

  • Sean Lane Revenue Leader
    Revenue Leader Interview

    Ops and the Changing Expectations of B2B Buyers with Sean Lane of Drift

    Consumer expectations in the world of B2C buying have changed considerably in the last decade. However, especially in light of the pandemic, those same expectations have seeped even further into the B2B buying cycle. In this fascinating interview, Sean Lane, Director of Operations at Drift, discusses his insights into how Ops can help facilitate GTM teams’ shift to optimizing this new buying journey. Below are excerpts from that conversation that have been lightly edited for clarity. RevOps: Hey Sean, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today. Sean Lane: Thanks for having me, happy to be here. RevOps: Let’s start with a bit about you.…

  • Usage Billing Blog Banner
    Sales Agreement Templates

    Sales Agreement Breakdown: Usage-Based Pricing

    The RevOps gallery of pre-made, professionally created sales agreement templates is your go-to source for agreement templates. The gallery enables anyone to find a template that fits their pricing model and get started customizing it right away, for free. In this series of articles, we’ll be doing a deep dive into each individual template – who they are for, what benefits they provide, and how best to leverage them. First up is Usage-Based Pricing. Usage-Based pricing is a powerful way for software businesses to maximize revenue while providing greater flexibility to their customers. In the modern enterprise SaaS world, products that are priced and packaged with a usage-based model enable…

  • Kyle Poyar Usage Billing
    Revenue Leader Interview

    Usage-Based Pricing with Kyle Poyar of OpenView

    Usage-based pricing, as a model for SaaS, has been around for some time. But, a slew of wildly successful IPOs from companies like Twilio, Snowflake, and others has brought the idea of winning with a usage-based pricing model to the fore. One voice that has risen above the rest in the discussions about usage-based pricing is Kyle Poyar, VP of Growth at OpenView, the expansion stage VC. Kyle has been a vocal proponent of the benefits of Usage-Based pricing and leverages his deep understanding of pricing to help portfolio companies optimize their pricing for success. We had the pleasure of chatting with Kyle about Usage Based pricing, why he’s passionate…

  • Jason Reichl Revenue Leader
    Revenue Leader Interview

    Gap-First Thinking and Breaking Down Silos With Jason Reichl of Go Nimbly

    In this latest installment of the Revenue Leader Interview Series, we had the great opportunity to sit down with Revenue Operations thought-leader and CEO of Go Nimbly, Jason Reichl. Jason is a passionate proponent of the value of Revenue Operations and Gap-First Thinking. In this conversation, we go through some of his experiences, insights, as well as the “3VC” methodology he pioneered. Below are excerpts from that discussion. RevOps: Could you tell me a bit about your background? What was your journey to heading up Co-Founding Go Nimbly. Jason Reichl: Go Nimbly was – and is – the first RevOps company. A lot of people have different definitions of that…

  • The building blocks to better sales agreements
    Product Announcement

    Introducing RevOps Deal Studio

    RevOps is all about making the “Enterprise Checkout Experience” seamless, fast, and flexible for customers and sellers. We want to help companies make their sales processes more streamlined and effective and create better sales agreements. Our goal is to help our users get more deals closed faster, ultimately increasing revenue and enabling the scaling of their GTM teams. We’ve been working hard on that goal and are excited to introduce some additions to our product and new initiatives as a major step forward. Here’s what’s new from RevOps: Introducing Deal Studio In the many discussions we have had with founders and revenue operations folks, we’ve learned about the frustration around…

  • Revenue Leader
    Revenue Leader Interview

    Revenue Leader Interview: Brandon Bussey, Sr. Director of RevOps at Lucid

    For our latest installment of The Revenue Leader Interview Series, we had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with the Sr. Director of Revenue Operations at Lucid Software, Brandon Bussey. Our discussion went deep on topics around revenue operations, trends, as well as the idea that pricing flexibility can be a competitive advantage. Below are excerpts from that conversion: RevOps: Thanks for joining us today, Brandon. Could you give a bit of background about your career and what you are doing today at Lucid? Brandon Bussey: Thanks for having me, happy to be here. I come from a finance background, which is what I pursued in college. Early in…