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Turn HubSpot Sales Hub into your flexible quoting, approval, and deal closing machine.
PricingAvailable in Free, Starter & Scale.
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This integration supports the following HubSpot plans:
  • Free Tools & CRM – Free
  • Marketing Hub – Starter, Professional, or Enterprise
  • Sales Hub – Starter, Professional, or Enterprise
  • Service Hub – Starter, Professional, or Enterprise
  • CMS Hub –Starter, Professional, or Enterprise
  • Operations Hub – Starter, Professional, or Enterprise
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Manage RevOps deals inside HubSpot

Create and edit deals inside HubSpot CRM. Keep all Deal data clean and in one place.
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Modern CPQ for HubSpot
RevOps CPQ & Deal Desk enables HubSpot Sales Hub users to build a modern, scalable deal desk with templated agreements, approval workflows, pricing guardrails, and total data integrity. With our natively integrated Deal Desk & CPQ, there's no need for reps to go back and forth between systems.
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Robust Contract Management directly from HubSpot
Generate NDAs, MSAs, agreements, quotes and other documents in a variety of formats (e.g. Word, PDF and HTML)
  • Quick access to your agreement templates: NDAs, MSAs, Order Form, Contracts, and More
  • A fast and easy way to support Legal's workflow with DocX Generation for redlining and ability to upload redlined agreements for signature.
  • Attach Other Agreements like DPAs and MSAs for streamlining one signature for enterprise deals.

Intuitive user experiences

Save time training new reps with RevOps highly researched intuitive user experiences. Add labels and descriptions to your templates to streamline education into the application.

Import CRM Data

By connecting a HubSpot deal with RevOps, users can import Products, Line Items, and Customer information including multiple addresses and contacts.

Fuse Contract Intelligence with Custom Mappings

Custom Mappings give you full control over the data you would like to synchronize to HubSpot. From subscription service periods to ARR data, supercharge your HubSpot data on your own or work with our success team to build you a roadmap.
Getting started with RevOps CPQ & Deal Desk and HubSpot:
You will have a new way to configure collaborate, price, quote, and sign!
A CPQ solution shouldn't take months to implement, require six-figure implementation budgets, and low internal adoption. RevOps Deal Desk & CPQ Integration is a true modern CPQ solution that is natively integrated with HubSpot.
• No training needed with intuitive user experiences for the salesperson and management team.
• Automatic tracking of changes between standard terms and deviations.
• A simple operations platform to maintain rules and configurations for complex pricing, terms, and workflows.
Flexible Approvals With Operational Controls
Create deals collaboratively, without the back and forth emails and Slack messages.
• Automated Approval Rules
• Granular Approval Sections
• Alert Approvers When Approval is Required
Collaborate directly on your agreements
Create deals collaboratively, without the back-and-forth emails and Slack messages.
• Contextual deal-making
• @-Mention Stakeholders
• Audit Trail of Comments and Changes to a Deal
• Slack and email notifications for keeping everyone on track
• HubSpot Deal timeline events are published automatically when customers interact with your Deal
Take The Complexity Out of Complex Pricing
Create agreements based on non-standard pricing models such as usage-based, ramping, bucket pricing, volume discounts, and more.
• Usage-Based and Metered Pricing
• Ramp schedules, true-ups, and minimum commitments
• Upsells, cross-sells, and co-terming
Customer Story: How Muck Rack Decreased Contract Errors by Nearly 100%
Today we are using RevOps for our new business contracts, renewals, and upsells outside of renewal.

In short, we're using it for everything.

We're using it when it refers to our Web terms and custom MSAs, and we're also using it to track and give transparency to our approval workflows and requesting notable exceptions.

That then helps our teams in the future understand why specific contract terms may have been altered the way it was or other special exceptions like that, basically tying the story of the way around the contract to the actual contract itself.
Learn more about Muck Rack's success with RevOps by reading our customer story.

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