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Reassigning Signatory

In this guide, we'll walk through how customers can reassign the assigned signatory for agreements created with RevOps.

Every once and a while, a deal may be created in RevOps where the customer signer may change. To help you handle these situations, RevOps allows customer signers with the option to reassign the signatory. 

For Users who are customers to a business using RevOps

If you are a customer signing an agreement made by a business using RevOps, follow these steps to reassign e-signing responsibilities to someone else within your company.

  • Use the link provided to you by your Sales Rep and log in to view the Sales Agreement.

  • As the customer signer, you will see a "Sign Document" button. Next to it, you should see the option to "Reassign Signer". 

  • Lastly, enter the name, email, and reason for reassigning.

  • An email will be sent to the reassigned signer letting them know that the Sales Agreement is now ready to be signed. 

For business signers using RevOps

To reassign a business signer, select reassign in the share and e-signing section of deal desk. Only admins or the currently assigned business singer can reassign a signature once a deal has started signing.

Currently the number of business singers cannot be changed once a deal has edited signing. If you need assistance changing the number of business signers once a deal has entered the signing stage, please contact support@revops.io.

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