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November and December Product Updates

Adam Ballai
Jan 6, 2022

As we ring in the new year, we wanted to look back at the end of 2021 and some exciting releases and launches we put out. 

October was one of our most significant months yet at, and we took that momentum into November and December.

So let's jump into it; here's what we released in November and December.


Collaborate - Revision History

We're excited to begin the rollout of our new "Approval and Collaboration" feature!

With this new feature, you'll be able to @-mention your colleagues, see diffs between your Deal and the template, and include emoji's in your comments.


Deal-making is an inherently collaborative process, and RevOps is centralizing all communication around a deal, enabling contextual deal-making. 

Collaborate - Contextual Deal Making

Now, all internal stakeholders can leave comments about an agreement, explain why a change was made, or ask questions regarding certain aspects of the Deal. 

When commenting, you now can specifically tag another RevOps user using an "@-mention," they will then be emailed about the comment. 


When changes are made to an agreement, you will now see a highlight and an icon that indicates that a change was made. If you hover over the highlight, you will see the original input before it was changed. 


HubSpot Custom Mappings (Beta)

Since launching our HubSpot integration in October, we've been hard at work adding to its value.

One of the most requested features we've heard from our HubSpot users was the ability to map to custom objects in HubSpot. 

You asked we delivered!

hs custom fields

Custom Mappings give you complete control over the RevOps data you would like to synchronize to HubSpot.

By adding a mapping, you can select the RevOps data field you would like to send to HubSpot each time the Deal is saved.

Any field property on the Deal, SKU, Term, Account, and Feature Flag is available for enriching your HubSpot Deal. The HubSpot field you select for mapping must be marked as writeable for data synchronization to be successful.

Our custom mapping functionality is currently in a Beta stage, so if you are interested in learning more about it, please feel free to reach out ( 

Additional HubSpot Integration Updates

You can now search for and associate your HubSpot Products to RevOps SKUs.

CleanShot - RevOps Console on Google Chrome - Taken on 11-22-2021 (1)

Updated Cards UI on Deals

We've updated the UI of the cards on RevOps Deals to provide better insight for our users. 

CRM Sync Card


CleanShot - Bobs Burgers (attention) on Google Chrome - Taken on 11-22-2021 (2)

As part of this redesign, we've implemented a way for users to see the status of their CRM integration. 

We've begun rolling out a new "Integrate with CRM" card in your Deal Summary view, so you can now see when a Deal has successfully synced to your CRM or ran into a syncing error.

Additional Data Syncing to Salesforce

If the Billing and Shipping address fields are visible on your Salesforce Contract object, RevOps will now sync the Billing and Shipping addresses from the Deal to the SFDC Contract object that RevOps creates.

Expanded Counter-Signer Functionality

Any Admin can now be assigned as a counter-signer to a Deal. Admins no longer have to be designated as a "Decision Maker" of a team to be assigned as a counter-signer.

As an Admin of RevOps, you can designate a RevOps any user in your organization to be a counter-signer. The counter-signer is not required to have a specific role or permission. They must still log in to RevOps to counter-sign deals for your organization.

Signature Block Update

An agreement's "Signed Date" is now included as an additional line in each signature block.


Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Ballai

Adam loves to test the boundaries of what's possible with technology and learn what people value with it. From VR to the web, he loves to intersect this experience into the sales technology space by bringing new ideas to light directly with customers.

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