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RevOps Has a Brand New Logo 🎉

Mario Nikolic
Aug 17, 2021

Since a logo is the most recognized aspect of a brand, designing it with thought and care is vital. At RevOps, we identified the need to elevate our logo. Our objectives with this design exercise were to create a logo that is:

  • Simple and stands out.
  • The same when it appears as logomark and logotype (Logo Standardization)
  • Connected to other design elements used in RevOps branding (Type: Lato, and Color: Gradient)

Aside from these technical requirements, the design team had emotional guides that we wanted to convey as well – a sense of being:

  • Balanced
  • Professional
  • Empowering
  • Innovative
  • Humble
  • Cosmopolitan

Once armed with this knowledge and ideas about the new logo, it was time to sketch things up.

Brainstorming Ideas

Option A: Left. Option B: Right.

Sketching is an exercise that helped us narrow down some visual choices. The idea of a pointer and a swish seemed interesting and worth exploring. These ideas were a nod to the old logomark. People were already familiar with our branding, so we wanted to capitalize on that while adding a feel of polish and modernity to it.

Not quite there yet!

After digitalizing sketched solutions, we conducted a survey to gain insights and feedback to help us iterate to perfection. Some of the findings were:

It feels cleaner. I still understand that it’s a circle, but don’t need to be told it. The “tail” of the swoosh also stands out better vs. disappearing into the white/teal

Vote cast: Option B

Fuller Circle looks more like an “O”

Vote cast: Option A

These options are great! Great work. Would it be possible to make the characters have the same height (don’t show capitalization)? Or make the capital R and the logo mark the same height? I feel this further addresses the “balanced” theme.

Vote cast: Option B

The survey told us that people were leaning towards option B, so we polished it up and made improvements. By increasing the pointer’s angle and the swish’s length, we could make it look more like an “O,”; and by adjusting letter sizes and kerning, we formed a better balance between the logomark and logotype.

Iteration Until Perfection

Digitalizing the logomark allowed us more precision with angles and lines. As the main guide, we used the shape of a circle.

First, we created the pointer by playing with three circles and rotating two for 10 degrees. The bottom circle and the right rotated circle are then connected to form a pointer.

We then created a swish and rotated it until it started at the 45 degrees angle. Once the start of the swish location was final, we cut out the swish part that was extending beyond the main circle.


We had the base of the swish and the pointer’s base; all we had to do is create a 12px gap between the pointer and the swish.

This new logomark was precise and professional-looking. It was now the time to apply color to it.

For the color choice of the logomark, we had three variations:

  • Gradient
  • White
  • Black

The gradient is our most commonly used color for branding, and therefore it was an obvious choice to apply it to our logomark.

To strengthen the cohesion between the look of our logo and our products, we used the Lato typeface as the font for both the logotype and our products. As part of establishing our branding guide, we’ve placed the logotype on three different backgrounds with two color variations.

We hope that our new logo represents us well and that you will see it many times in the coming years.

Lead Product Designer

Mario Nikolic

Throughout my career, I worked in different industries, FinTech, AdTech, Agriculture, etc. where I designed digital products. Everywhere I work I bring my positive attitude and user-centered approach to design. At RevOps I advocate for consistency and simplicity in design.

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