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January Product Updates: Data Sync Improvements + Sneak Peek!

Elaine Tsai
Feb 8, 2022

We hope everyone had a wonderful and restful winter break! We definitely had our filling of delicious holiday dinners. Now,  we're looking forward to 2022 and have kicked off the year with a number of exciting launches! 

Here are some highlights of what we've released in January.

HubSpot Data Sync

To synchronize additional data from your deal to HubSpot, you'll want to create HubSpot custom properties on either the Deal object or Product object. Once these properties have been created, you'll be able to map all sorts of attributes from your RevOps deal to HubSpot.

Sync data to custom fields on HubSpot Deals

The most common set of custom properties we recommend creating will be on the HubSpot Deal object. This allows you to directly store specific data about your order forms, such as the contract term and contract period, in HubSpot. By storing this data on the HubSpot Deal, you can create Reports or configure Workflows.

Here are some of the properties we recommend creating and mapping from RevOps to HubSpot.

  • RevOps Deal Status
  • Contract Start Date
  • Contract End Date
  • Contract Term (Months)
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Terms
  • Billing Frequency
  • Billing Email

Sync data to custom fields on Line Items (beta)

If you want to track details on the Line Item level, you can create custom fields that map to HubSpot's Product object. 

Address mapping between HubSpot and RevOps (beta)

The Company object in HubSpot comes with one set of Address fields. So what if you also want to manage the Billing Address? We recommend creating custom properties on the HubSpot Company object then mapping those fields to RevOps.

When your RevOps deal is first connected to a HubSpot deal, RevOps will import the Billing Address based on the information stored on the HubSpot Company. This allows you to display both the Shipping and Billing Address on your order form. If any updates or changes are made to the Billing Address from within RevOps, we'll sync these changes back to HubSpot so that the Billing Address on your company record is always up to date.

Configure to HubSpot Deal Amount field

By default, RevOps will synchronize the Total Contract Value (TCV) to the Amount field on the Deal in HubSpot. However, if you use the Amount field with a different calculation, head over to our Integrations Settings and disable this setting.

New Features for Data Sync

Additional Properties for Data Sync

The following properties can now be synced to your CRM:

  • Deal, additional attachment included
  • Deal, attachment signature page included
  • Deal, buyer signature date in UTC
  • Deal, DocuSign envelope id (if you are bringing your own DocuSign account to RevOps)

Update to our Integrate with CRM Card

We've updated our Integrate with CRM card so that when collapsed, you can still see when the deal last synced to your CRM and can quickly access the link to the CRM Record (Salesforce Opportunity or HubSpot Deal) in your CRM.

If you would like help setting up mappings to automate the data syncing from RevOps to your CRM, reach out to us at . We're happy to walk you through set this up.

Sneak Peek at New Approval Features

Here are some of the new approval features we've started rolling out. If you would like early access to these features, please reach out and let us know!

Admins will now be able to "Approve" deals directly from Deal Editor

We've now made it faster for Admins to approve deals by allowing you to Approve the deal directly in Deal Editor. As an Admin, if you create the deal or review the deal in "Discuss" mode, you can now choose to approve the deal immediately or submit it for approval.

Tag and thread comments to sections of your deal to create a Topic

Comments can now be tagged to specific sections of your deal. Simply click on the section of the deal and click to comment. This creates a Topic where approver can be assigned, and comments can be threaded.

Assign approvers to Topics

Each topic you create on the deal can be assigned an Approver to review and approve. Email notifications will be sent to the approver, and when viewing the deal, you'll see a list of topics that are still pending approval.

Introducing Deal Overview

See the deal progress in our new Deal Overview section. Here, you'll find the status of the deal and the steps necessary to progress the deal to the next status. Quickly access the actions you need to, such as "Sharing" the deal for e-signing or approving topics you've been assigned to.


Stay tuned for more updates and exciting announcements in February and beyond!

Head of Product Management

Elaine Tsai

Elaine enjoys building simple products for complex problems. In her free time, you'll find her hiking, training for triathlons, or grilling.

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