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RevOps Deal Desk: The Only CPQ With Native HubSpot Integrations

Adam Ballai
Sep 28, 2021

Working with companies of all sizes has given us a bird’s-eye-view of the challenges and opportunities for SaaS startups. We’ve seen the technology landscape grow and change, and the ecosystem of tools has become even more diverse. 

HubSpot has emerged as an all-in-one solution for growing businesses, providing a variety of “Hubs” that interconnect to create a single source of truth for Go-To-Market teams.

Our App is Live in the HubSpot App Marketplace. Check it out here. 

And it’s been wildly popular;  we’ve even moved our entire stack to HubSpot ourselves! 

From the perspective of a growing company, HubSpot offers a fantastic product with many useful features. 

But we also saw a huge opportunity to provide even greater value to HubSpot CRM users. 

And we set out to do just that.

We spent months hard at work on one of the most important additions to our solution:

The RevOps Deal Desk HubSpot Integration. 

The Only Native CPQ Integration for HubSpot

We have been building out this integration with a few existing customers and are excited to now open access to everyone through our early preview program.

First, we wanted to peel back the curtain and give you a peek into what we are doing and our vision for the future of Agreement Automation for HubSpot. 

Let’s talk about the Why, What, How, and When of the RevOps HubSpot Integration. 

Benefits of RevOps for HubSpot Quotes

  1. Customizable Templates
  2. All Sales Agreement Types
  3. Supports Non-Standard Pricing
  4. Create Approval Rules
  5. Never Leave HubSpot

WhyWe Built It

Before we began the development of this integration, we first had to identify why HubSpot users would want RevOps Deal Desk.

To do this, we created an in-depth document identifying the “Why"s for different use-cases and how RevOps can provide value to each of them. 

Our first step was identifying three types of HubSpot users who could benefit from RevOps. 

  1. Haven’t adopted HubSpot Quotes and Line Items.
  2. Have adopted Quotes and Line Items, but they no longer fit their business needs.
  3. Have adopted Line Items but not Quotes, and they no longer fit their business needs.

Based on our research, we saw a clear need for four different areas in which companies wanted to formalize their processes:

  1. Quoting and Pricing
  2. Legal Language on Sales Agreements
  3. Approval Processes
  4. Post-Close Automation

After doing our research and identifying the areas where we could provide value, we go to work building our integration. 

What is the RevOps HubSpot Integration?

RevOps was built to help companies eliminate the chaos of closing deals, allowing them to lay the groundwork to scale their teams.

With this in mind and the learnings we gathered in our initial research, we set out to provide this kind of value within the HubSpot ecosystem. 

The RevOps HubSpot integration brings the full power of Deal Desk to HubSpot users, helping them turbocharge their quote-to-cash process within HubSpot CRM. 

Our goal is to bring limitless quoting and approval functionality to HubSpot users, giving them the power of CPQ without the headaches and natively integrated into HubSpot.

Utilizing templated quotes, a powerful approvals engine, and bi-directional data syncing, RevOps has created the only native CPQ solution for the HubSpot ecosystem.

Customized Pre-Approved Templates for Reps

With the help of RevOps, you can develop any kind of sales agreement, make your own templates, and sync the information from your agreements with HubSpot.

Support for every type of sales agreement - Native deal data sync between HubSpot and RevOps
- SKU and term blocks that have already been approved for representatives to add to deals

Automated Approvals Engine with Rules
Create unique rules for transaction approvals depending on discounts, pricing, term wording, and other factors. For agreements that comply with the requirements, automate approvals.

- Specialized "if this, then that" procedures for request approvals
route permissions to people or groups in accordance with predetermined guidelines; approval barriers for particular deals' parts

Support for Flexible Pricing Models
Establish contracts based on unconventional pricing mechanisms, such as usage-


Customizable Templates

One of the first opportunities we identified to provide value to HubSpot users was the ability to customize and save sales agreement templates.

Not just the design of these templates but how a deal is structured in terms of pricing and terms. 

RevOps’s template builder, Deal Studio, works by using SKU and Term Blocks to give you the freedom to build your perfect agreement every time. 

Sales can use these templates to customize deals within a set of guardrails to ensure that no quote goes out that will eventually be rejected.

With this integration, reps can access existing templates directly from a Deal in HubSpot through a card on the right-hand side of the Deals view. 

Deals created using a RevOps template will automatically fill in the line items in your HubSpot quote with the correct information and pricing. 

Any Kind of Sales Agreement

RevOps Agreement Automation is not only meant for generating quotes and proposals; it can be leveraged for all sorts of agreements – New Orders, Renewals, Co-Term Agreements, NDAs, MSAs, and Quotes. 

RevOps allows HubSpot users to automate their entire sales agreement process, using customizable templates for all agreements that reps can flexibly leverage.

Flexible Pricing Models

As RevOps has grown in the marketplace, we’ve seen enormous growth in earlier-stage startups fully embracing these kinds of pricing models, such as tiered volume pricing. However, finding a solution to manage the quote to cash solution to support these kinds of models is a challenge for them.

That’s why we felt it was essential to empower HubSpot users with the tools to leverage complex pricing models such as Usage-Based, Tiered, Bucket, Ramped, and others to help grow their businesses to the next level. 

Deals based on pricing beyond standard subscription models can be created with RevOps, and all the correct information will be synced directly to the HubSpot line items. 

Automated Approval Rules

HubSpot Approval Workflows

Binary approval rules – all deals need approvals, or no deals need approvals – are not an excellent fit for many companies. RevOps allows users to create automated approval rules for specifying which types of deals require additional review and which ones can be approved automatically.

What Our Customers Have Said

With 50+ installs to date, 5-star reviews, and a host of thrilled users, the feedback on this integration has been overwhelming. 

Here are just a few examples:


How to Use It

The flow for using RevOps in HubSpot deals is simple, intuitive, and powerful.

Elaine, our Head of Product, is doing a quick walkthrough of how the integration works. 

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To request access to our open access program for this integration, head to our integration page here. Stay tuned for more details of our launch!

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Ballai

Adam loves to test the boundaries of what's possible with technology and learn what people value with it. From VR to the web, he loves to intersect this experience into the sales technology space by bringing new ideas to light directly with customers.

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