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Introducing RevOps Deal Studio

Adam Ballai
Feb 18, 2021

RevOps is all about making the "Enterprise Checkout Experience" seamless, fast, and flexible for customers and sellers. We want to help companies make their sales processes more streamlined and effective and create better sales agreements.

Our goal is to help our users get more deals closed faster, ultimately increasing revenue and enabling the scaling of their GTM teams.

We've been working hard on that goal and are excited to introduce some additions to our product and new initiatives as a major step forward.

Here's what's new from RevOps:

Introducing Deal Studio

What Are The Benefits of RevOps?

  1. Customizable Sales Agreement Templates
  2. Create Pre-Approved Templates for Reps
  3. Generate Templates in Minutes
  4. See Your Changes in Real-Time
  5. Create Pricing Guardrails for Reps

In the many discussions we have had with founders and revenue operations folks, we've learned about the frustration around getting the right sales agreements to the right prospects at the right time. Having documents in various folders, multiple DocX files, and spreadsheets all contribute to sales reps sending incorrect deals.

Another challenge we've heard is providing the kind of guardrails that enable sales reps to be flexible in their pricing approaches while avoiding sending incorrect terms and pricing to prospects.

That's why we built Deal Studio, our latest addition to the RevOps solution.

We launched Deal Studio on Product Hunt and got fantastic feedback!

Deal Studio for Better Sales Agreements on Product Hunt

Now, we are excited to introduce it to the world.

Why We Built Deal Studio

We want to give our customers a competitive edge.

That includes both being able to move quickly in their sales process and leveraging customized pricing and packaging options for their customers.

RevOps is built to be a unified platform that gives sales teams the ability to move quickly and Ops to put in approved pricing and term guardrails. We're giving companies the competitive edge they need in a dynamic market with a virtual-first sales cycle.

What Do You Get With RevOps Deal Studio?

RevOps Deal Studio gives you the building blocks for making better sales agreements, minimizing copy and paste for sales documents, and enabling increased sales velocity.

Building blocks to better sales agreements

We want to help make the enterprise checkout experience more pleasant for both sellers and buyers.

With Deal Studio, you get:

Flexibility 💪

Deal Studio provides you with "building blocks" to customize your templates to align with the process that makes sense for your company. You can easily build out customized pricing packages to meet your customers' unique needs.

Standardization 📦

Create pre-approved templates with standard products and terms for your sales team to use. RevOps Studio lets you set your reps up to close deals faster and removes the burden of working on one-off proposals for individual customers.

Lightning Fast ⚡

We know that the faster an agreement is sent out, the greater likelihood it has to close. With this knowledge, we had speed in the front of our minds when building Deal Studio.

Deal Studio lets you generate professional sales agreements for your team in minutes. You can quickly build pre-approved, fully customized agreement templates for your sales teams to work with.

Real-Time Visibility 🔎

When you are working on creating proposal templates for your team, you don't want to put in all that effort only to find out, when you are done, that you need to go back and fix one error. Deal Studio lets you view changes to your proposals in real-time. No more guessing.

Guard Rails 🚧

RevOps Deal Studio helps companies drive sales velocity all while keeping the sales team "within the guardrails." In doing so, Deal Studio creates a multiplier effect across all business functions.

With features such as approval workflows, you can promote alignment between teams while saving precious time for your team and helping reps be flexible with pricing while avoiding errors in the quoting process.

Want to learn more and try it out for yourself?

Check out RevOps Deal Studio.

Get Started With Professionally Made Sales Agreement Templates

We're excited to introduce our RevOps Template Gallery. We've taken all the learnings we've acquired and created a set of templates for you to get started easily. Pick a template that fits your pricing model and start using it right away for free.

Template Gallery for Sales Agreements

Our library of templates include:

Annual Agreement with Professional Services

Annual sales agreement

This template is great for sales agreements that include both an annual subscription for a product and a one-time services offering, such as onboarding and training.

It includes:

  • Annual SKU
  • One-Time Free SKU

Learn More

Active User Subscription with True Up

Active user sales agreement with true up

True Up pricing has become a great tool for companies that sell per seat/license/user. With this template, you can create price per active user agreements and include an added charge for additional users.

It includes:

  • Monthly SKU
  • Metered Usage SKU

Learn More

Annual Agreement with Entitlements

annual sales agreement with entitlements

Creating sales agreements that include entitlements with user licenses can be complex. With this template, you can easily customize the features and services available to a customer and automate entitlement management on a customer level.

It includes:

  • Entitlements
  • Annual SKU

Learn More

Features-Based Pricing

feature based sales agreement

If you are selling multiple products as a package to your customers, this sales agreement template is what you are looking for, even if you are selling multiple products with different pricing models.

It includes:

  • Annual SKU
  • One-Time Fee SKU
  • Monthly SKU

Learn More

Multi-Year Sales Agreement

multi year sales agreement

The Multi-Year Agreement template will be beneficial for companies that sell for multi-year periods and may want to include different pricing and quantities for each period.

It includes:

  • Schedule SKU

Learn More

Annual Pricing with Pilot Period

annual pricing sales agreement

This template gives your reps the flexibility to adjust the price and how long a pilot period will be while not impacting the annual subscription price.

It includes:

  • Schedule SKU

Learn More

Usage Based Pricing

Usage based sales agreement

Usage-based pricing is the gold standard in the SaaS space. With this template, you can easily create pre-paid usage amounts and specify metered rates for overages.

It includes:

  • Pre-Page Usage SKU
  • Metered Usage SKU

Learn More

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Ballai

Adam loves to test the boundaries of what's possible with technology and learn what people value with it. From VR to the web, he loves to intersect this experience into the sales technology space by bringing new ideas to light directly with customers.

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