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Three ways for SaaS Businesses to improve their pricing pages

Adam Ballai
Sep 19, 2018

At RevOps, we are constantly reviewing pricing pages for our beloved customers. Since we see a lot of businesses making similar mistakes, we felt it was important to share with you three of the most common ways for you to increase your pricing page conversions.

Make your call to action clear.

All too often, we see businesses not highlight the package they want the customer to purchase. It can be as simple as a different color border, to differentiating the “buy” button is a simple change that leads to higher conversions on the plan you’re trying to sell.

Box’s pricing page highlights the most popular package to acquire.

Stripe highlights its most common pricing with a direct call to action to “Create Account”.

Make your feature list, a value list.

We see a variety of SaaS businesses boast about what features are included in their packages. This is great for educated buyers who know what they are shopping for, or when they are needing to upgrade, but for the majority of buyers, they don’t know what the best offering is for them.

DropBox does a fantastic job of highlighting the value it provides across all its offerings.

Provide annual pricing.

Every experienced business owner will tell you annual pricing is a must in SaaS. Customers immediately know it gives them a discount. That pricing psychology can lead to higher conversions that benefit your business and a happier CFO. Annual pricing leads to decreasing volatility in your monthly recurring revenue and reducing your churn rates.

FullContact does a brilliant job of showing Annual pricing by default at a per month rate.

We hope these tips helped!

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This blog was originally published on Medium by Adam Ballai in April 9, 2018

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