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Top 10 Must-Read Blogs for Revenue Operations

Adam Ballai
Nov 5, 2020

Information is power.

Never in the history of humanity has so much information been available to so many people. The ease with which we can simply enter a question into Google and immediately find the answer is staggering.

However, with that abundance of information comes the problem of information overload – it becomes increasingly difficult to discern the signal from the noise.

In order to help alleviate this challenge for sales operations and revenue operations folks, we’ve decided to compile a list of the 10 top blogs, in no particular order, that you should be reading on a regular basis.

Top 10 Revenue Operations Blogs

  1. RevOps (
  2. HubSpot (
  3. Drift (
  4. Saleshacker (
  5. RevGenius (
  6. Close (
  7. Clari (
  8. LeanData (
  9. GoNimbly (
  10. Topo HQ (

HubSpot Blog

A ubiquitous presence in the sales and marketing space, Hubspot is a powerhouse of content. While their blog covers topics across the marketing and sales spectrum, those interested in sales operations and revenue operations insights and tips should definitely have this blog in their bookmarks.

A simple Google search for sales and revenue operations questions will show you how much Hubspot focuses their content on these topics. Not only can you learn an immense amount from their blog, but their massive library of resources can be an invaluable tool for any sales operator.

Posts to Read:

Drift Blog

Another company that does an amazing job at putting out quality content, Drift’s blog is an amazing source of useful information for those interested in revenue acceleration, sales, marketing, and other revenue related topics.

Drift has a must-listen podcast for sales and revenue operations folks called Operations that interviews the best thought-leaders from across the operations spectrum for the audiophiles out there. If you aren’t already subscribed, you should check it out.

Posts to Read

RevOps Blog

Well, if you are reading this post you already know about our blog. We do our best to put together valuable resources for all those that are interested in topics related to Revenue Operations. The RevOps blog is a fantastic source for any revenue operator, from tips and tricks to insights and trends.

Software businesses face increasingly complex challenges when it comes to pricing; not only from the issues around pricing itself, but the difficulty of getting alignment between Product, Sales, and Finance as well.

RevOps adds efficiencies in organizing quoting, accelerates go-to-market efforts for new sales strategies, and automation for scaling your sales operations

Posts to Read


The folks at SalesHacker have built an amazing community of engaged sales professionals. SalesHacker puts out a steady stream of valuable content that covers the spectrum of topics revenue operators would be interested in.

Along with great content, SalesHacker has an active community of folks that take part in fascinating conversations.

Posts to Read

RevGenius Mag

Speaking of amazing, engaged communities – the folks at RevGenius are building one of the most engaged communities in this space with 7,000 members and counting. The RevGenius Mag includes interviews with and contributions from their member base.

Not only are they putting out a constant flow of great content, written by real thought-leaders, they also have a fast-growing Slack community.

Posts to Read

Close Blog

When it comes to content in the sales space, Close is a heavy-weight. Close publishes incredibly useful information for sales professionals between their blogs, ebooks, and even motivational videos.

Close does a fantastic job at creating useful guides and insights with best practices for sales and revenue operations when it comes to the operations side.

Posts to Read

Clari Blog

The folks at Clari have been at the vanguard of Revenue Operations and, with the content on their blog, it shows. The blog over at Clari covers important topics around revenue intelligence, scaling sales pipeline, pipeline visibility, and more.

In particular, Clari’s infographic on the Rise of Revenue Operations, is fantastic.

Rise of Revenue Operations


Posts to Read

LeanData Blog

After recently holding their 5th annual event, OpsStars, Lean Data is an incredibly important voice in the world of revenue operations. The Lean Data blog is a go-to source for revenue operators, with content that has helped shape the way we understand Revenue Operations today.

They publish fantastic, helpful content; their interviews and video content are great as well.

Posts to Read:

Go Nimbly Blog

Go Nimbly’s blog is a great resource for Revenue Operators. Their content is laser-focused on exploring every nook and cranny of the space. Not only does Go Nimbly have an excellent blog, but they have some fantastic longer-form content as well.

Posts to Read


The folks at TOPO have been incredibly influential in the world of Account-Based Marketing. but their thought-leadership extends well beyond that. From sales enablement to sales and revenue operations, TOPO has got it covered.

Posts to Read


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