About us

Our platform builds better customer relationships

Our mission is to eliminate manual business procedures through automation, freeing up businesses to engage thoughtfully with their customers.

RevOps was founded in 2018 by pricing nerds Adam Ballai and John Solis from Twilio, Stripe, and PullString (acquired by Apple). John and Adam has a simple mission: enable businesses from early-stage to scaling startups to build a scalable Deal Desk operation.

The idea for RevOps was born out of challenges that Adam faced at Twilio. As that company began to grow into the giant it is today, the standard spreadsheet pricing calculators and manual approval processes were inhibiting the company's scalabilty. Adam worked with the first RevOps team at Twilio to build the Deal Desk operation, feeling the pain of the existing tools in the market that were not meeting the needs of a scalable and modern Deal Desk.

RevOps is now recognized as the category disruptor in helping companies of all sizes apply a platform to their Deal Desks and innovating beyond CPQ.

Today, thousands of reps, managers, and operators regularly use RevOps. We are processing more than $50M in revenue for our customers and providing them with the tools and support they need to grow into unicorns and beyond.

Trusted by fast-growing software companies


We're a customer-centric company and guided by three core principles:

  1. Leading With Customer Feedback: RevOps believes in building trust with its partners by leading with innovations driven through an iterative customer feedback cycle.
  2. Setting the Industry Standard for Support: Our customers get support with our services and assistance in building best practices in their organizations.
  3. Quality First: RevOps strives to provide its products and services to the highest bar of reliability, zero downtime, and enterprise-grade security.

We're led by

CEO & Co-founder

Adam Ballai

Head of Engineering & Co-founder

John Solis


A modern Deal Desk platform to help sales organizations close more deals faster. Reduce errors, decrease time-to-close, and build a scalable process.