Automate your closed-won operations

Deliver value faster without the headache of account provisioning, billing setup, and onboarding communications with Cashflow API.


Harris Rasheed

Fullstack Engineer @ Loom

We had multiple inaccuracies per week with new contracts closed by the sales team. RevOps Cashflow API helped us reduce those super laborious errors to create a 93% reduction in time on product and finance.

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Accelerate revenue and get paid faster

End copy and paste for billing with a single click. Orchestrate the information from sales into your billing workflow automatically

Leverage data with no-code and low-code integrations

Activation webhooks give developers easy access to building quote-to-cash integrations in minutes.

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Feature flags

Generate feature-level entitlements from contracts

For entitlements based on specific features, RevOps’s Feature Flag allows you to configure SKUs to customize the gated features offered in a contract.

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Notify the right people at the right time with the right data

With automated notifications, deal status updates are sent to whoever is in charge of success and activation. Leverage email notifications or webhooks to give full visibility to every step in the process.

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