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Folders for Templates

May 8, 2024

Review this case study to gain insight into our approach to tackling template organization improvements. Through the development of a new product named 'Folders for Templates,' we aim to introduce:

  • Two (2) tiers of folder structures.
  • Team-based permissions for folders.
  • Drag and drop templates and folders.

Problem Statement

RevOps templates streamline deal creation for our customers, yet as the number of templates expands within organizations, it becomes challenging for Sales Reps to pinpoint the appropriate template for their deals. To enhance organizational template management and empower Admins to allocate team permissions for particular templates, we're considering the development of Template Folders.


Currently, all templates are housed in a central location called Deal Studio. We're adding folders to help users better organize these templates. Users can name and define folder access control for each folder they create. They'll be able to create as many folders as they need. By double-clicking a folder, users can open it. Within a folder, users can add new templates or create subfolders. Both templates and subfolders added to a folder will inherit the access controls defined on the folder.

When you enter a non-empty folder, you'll see its contents displayed in the following order:

  • Subfolders will appear first.
  • Then, you'll see a list of all the templates.


Once folders are created (the first tier structure), users can create a subfolder (the second tier structure) inside it. Folders can have as many subfolders as the user needs.

Newly created subfolders will initially be empty and will inherit the access controls defined on a folder. To access a subfolder, simply double-click it. As we only support two tiers of folder structures, users will only be permitted to add new templates or move existing templates into subfolders. Creating sub-subfolders or moving folders into subfolders is not allowed.

Folder Access Control

After creating each folder or subfolder, users will be able to specify folder access control, determining which teams have access to the folder or subfolder and consequently the templates within. Users can modify this access control at any time.

Templates within a folder will inherit the access control settings of the folder or subfolder they belong to.

Unorganized Templates

Templates found in the Deal Studio main directory are classified as unorganized because they are not assigned to any specific folder or subfolder. Consequently, they won't automatically adopt access control settings from any existing folder or subfolder. For these unorganized templates, users can establish access control settings on each template individually.

Moving functionality

To relocate a folder, subfolder, or template, simply click on the three-dot menu and select the Move option. This action will prompt a popup for you to complete the move. Within that popup, users can:

  • View the current location of the item they are moving.
  • Preview all available folders and subfolders.
  • Relocate the item or create a new folder and move the item into the new folder.

Because of the two-tier folder structure limit, users won't have the ability to move folders or subfolders into another subfolder, as doing so would create a third-tier folder structure, which isn't supported. Only templates from another folder or subfolders can be moved without limitations.

Similarly, due to these constraints, creating new folders within a subfolder will not be permitted within this pop-up.

Draft New Deal Changes

Given the modifications made to Deal Studio, it's logical to implement the following changes to the deal creation flow.

Sales representatives are associated with teams, and because of the Access Control feature, not all templates will be accessible to them when creating a deal. Instead, reps will only see templates, folders, and subfolders that are pertinent to their respective teams. This streamlining will alleviate clutter and confusion for sales reps during deal creation. Additionally, the folder structure will be presented to sales reps when selecting a template, allowing for easy review and navigation to choose the desired template.

In addition to the enhancements mentioned, we're also considering the introduction of a search functionality in the improved Template Selection modal. This feature would enable users to quickly search for specific templates by name or keywords, further streamlining the template selection process and enhancing user efficiency.

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