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Sequential Approvers Beta

May 19, 2023

RevOps is excited to announce the launch of Sequential Approvals — one of our most popular feature requests! Sales Operators and Administrators can now create Workflows to support approval requirements such as tiered discounting levels. For example:

- Discounts < 10% : Require Sales Manager approval

- Discounts > 10% and Discounts < 20%: Require VP of Sales approval

- Discounts > 30%: Require CEO approval


As part of this project, the Workflow engine received a major overhaul and now supports assigning a deal approver or topic approver based on the deal owner’s team. Combined with the recently GA’d Out of Office Signature Reassignment, companies can now create robust Deal Desk approval workflows that can quickly adapt to your business.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to your account executive to request access!

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