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Bug Fixes

April 2023 Bug Fixes

May 9, 2023
  • Default Contract term sync behavior has been updated to be more robust for new tenants.
  • Deal Revenue Metrics ACV and MRR calculations correctly consider schedule SKU period length.
  • Fixed display of Buyer Signature Date behavior and Signature Date terms in Quote Builder
  • When first year pricing or annual schedule is selected, the Total Price column is no longer changed to "Annual Price". Use the dedicated "Annual Price" column option when annual price needs to be displayed.
  • When uploading DocX files for signature, RevOps now defaults the esignature platform to DocuSign.
  • Custom Branding: Focus color now applies to input fields.
  • Fixed a bug where single period Buyer Signature Date fields werenā€™t always editable
  • Fixed regression in displaying workflow name in approval topics

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