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Approvals & Approval Topics

Enhanced Approval Topic Management (Beta)

Aug 18, 2023

We continue our Approvers journey this week and release support for some long requested approval topics features and enhancements.

  • ā€Sequential approvers and teams for manual topics - Users can now choose to require multiple levels of approvals for topics created manually or request approval from any member of a specific team. When multiple levels are assigned, users can choose if all levels or any level needs to approve and if those levels need to happen in order.ā€
  • Manage Approvers of Existing Topics - Admins can now add, remove, or reassign approvers to any existing approval topic, regardless of whether or not the topic previously required approvals. If a topic was created by a workflow, the approvers for that topic will not change automatically once they have been manually edited. Any changes made to a topic will be included as history in the thread.ā€
  • Enhanced topic unapprove flow for sequential approvers - Users revoking previously granted approval will now have a cleaner interface to better convey which levels will be impacted.

Interested in trying out the new Approval Topics behavior? Reach out to to enable the feature and provide feedback!

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