Scalable Process

Smarter, Faster Decision Making

Create a scalable process with guardrails, templates, approval workflows, and more.

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Keep Sales Reps on Track

Set your reps up for success by enabling flexibility while providing the necessary guardrails to structuring deals.

Customize limitations for reps

Create required fields like payment terms and billing email

Customer guardrails, such as required field on eSignature

Pre-approved terms to use and edit within templates


Standardized Templates for Reps to Customize

The building blocks to craft the perfect templates for reps to customize within guardrails that you set.

Create standardized templates for reps to use

Support for any kind of sales agreement

Customizable to fit the unique needs of any deal

Pre-approved SKU and term blocks for reps to add to deals


A Powerful Decision Engine for Deal Approvals

Set rules for instant approvals and configure rules to route proposals to the right teams at the right time.

Set auto-approval rules for standard deals

Custom "if this, then that" workflows to route approval requests

Route approvals to individuals or groups based on set rules

Approval blocks when approvals for individual sections are required


How Commsor Saw a 25% Decrease in Time to Close with RevOps

"We now have pre-built agreement templates in RevOps that have enabled reps to get contracts out super quickly, decreasing our time to close deals considerably."

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Elaine Tsai

May 10, 2022

April Product Updates

Have you noticed our new design system?As part of our ongoing effort to improve our application, we have made improvements to buttons, tables, input fields, and more. The redesign allows us to ensure consistency in our application and make it more intuitive. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Mark Lerner

May 02, 2022

The RevOps Framework for Renewals

Acquisition. ToFu. Net New - All of these terms have one thing in common: they don’t account for the part of the revenue engine after a deal closes.

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