Zero-knowledge Security

At RevOps, we aren’t just serious about data security and privacy –
it’s a fundamental part of our core platform offering.

We are founded on Academic & Industry-experienced Security Leadership and Principles and implement the latest cloud security technologies to protect customer data.

RevOps Zero-knowledge Pillars

The best way to protect customer data is to minimize the amount of sensitive information that we collect and process:

  1. We do not store sensitive information directly in our data storage systems.
  2. We do not send sensitive information directly over our peering networks.
  3. Sensitive information is only visible directly to owners of that data.
  4. We will delete any data stored by a customer upon request.

What we consider sensitive information to be

PII  Personal Identifiable Information.

PCI   Payment Card Industry data directly.

How we achieve zero-knowledge

  • We are integrated with a secure data tokenization service that automatically redacts and secures any sensitive information before it reaches our platform.
  • We regularly audit new features and functionality to verify that sensitive information is correctly redacted.

We are PCI certified


Our peering providers are soc-2 & gdpr-compliant

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