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Pete Kazanjy

Co-Founder @ Atrium

I'm a super customer fanboy of RevOps. I'm a huge process optimizer person, and anything that can remove inefficiencies from the sales motion gets me really excited.

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Adapt and react to your business needs faster

With the Deal Studio building blocks, you can create the perfect template for your process. Easily craft new packages customized to your customers’ needs.


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Create consistency across your sales organization

With pre-approved templates, you can create standard products and terms for your teams to use. No more spending hours putting together one-off proposals at the end of the quarter to satisfy a single customer.

Real-Time Visibility

View changes to your proposals in real-time, no more guessing.

Lightning fast

Build beautiful templates in minutes

Proposals sent within 24 hours of a sales meeting had 14% higher closure rate. With RevOps templates, you can generate professional sales agreements for your team in minutes.

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Get started quickly

Choose from one of our professionally created proposal templates and use it to build your masterpiece.

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